Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions you may have.

Yes all pets must be vaccinated and owners are to provide documentation that all vaccinations are current to Veterinarian requirements.

You are welcome to visit your pet’s prospective holiday home but please make an appointment. Our business is 24 hours a day, however we do need uninterrupted time to care for our guests, therefore we ask you to respect our hours.

Our canine guests are fed ‘Nutrience’ which is a nutritionally balanced premium biscuit. We also feed Tux biscuits, Chunky dog roll and chicken necks. If they are on a special diet we are happy to accommodate. Please bring their food in a sealed container with their name and instructions on it. They have morning and evening meals. Snacks are fed during yappy hour and when they are tucked up in bed for the night.

Our feline guests are  fed  ‘Nutrience’ a premium balanced  biscuit. Biscuits and fresh water is available at all times. We also feed a range of wet food. You may bring out their food if you wish, if they are on a special diet we are happy to accommodate. Please bring their food in a sealed container with their name and instructions on it.

When your dog is new to our boarding facilities they will be run alone until their nature is assessed we will choose appropriate playmates for your dog so that they may have the full enjoyment during their stay.

That’s no problem! We will gladly administer medication and diabetic injections, even to difficult guests. If your pet is on medication for a long term illness, we ask that you see your veterinarian just before any boarding stay. Please have all medication labelled with written instructions. All care and attention is provided in this matter.

If someone other than yourself will be collecting your pets please fill in a release form. We ask that the account be paid on arrival.

Yes, by all means bring whatever your pet loves, however we do also supply these.

Our daily rate is valid until 10am the following morning. You are charged for the day that your pet arrives regardless of whether they arrive during the morning session or the afternoon session.

If you collect your pet before 10am the following morning you are not charged for that day. If you collect after 10am then you are charged for that day.

It is a good idea to make a reservation year round. Holidays and local school holidays are very busy times for us, so it is best to book a reservation in advance to ensure a spot for your pet.

Therefore, please make sure your details are correct and you definitely require the booking, no refunds or credits are given during holiday & peak season periods. For all confirmed bookings your are required to drop off and pick up your pet(s) on the dates and times stated on your booking confirmation.

Animals are unpredictable creatures, and your pet is no exception! An emergency number is necessary just in case a situation arises with your dog where we need to speak with you directly, or with someone who knows your dog well enough to speak for you.