When arriving please have your cat(s) in their cat cages. We are a small community cattery where the cats can mingle with other cats if they wish or can spend time in the sunny aviary area. Older or nervous cats who need a little privacy, can pop into a spacious condo which is cleaned twice a day. For a relaxing atmosphere they have soothing music all day or can just watch the birds go by.



Must be neutered or spayed

Check-In am or pm ~ full day charge
Check-Out Morning 8am – 10am ~ no charge
Check-Out Afternoon 3pm – 6pm ~ full day charge



Our feline guests are  fed  ‘Nutrience’ a premium balanced  biscuit. Biscuits and fresh water is available at all times. We also feed a range of wet food. You may bring out their food if you wish, if they are on a special diet we are happy to accommodate. Please bring their food in a sealed container with their name and instructions on it.



  Felocell CVRP for Calicivirus

  Rhinotrachritis (snuffles)

  Panleukopenia (Feline Enteritis)

As vaccines vary, we need to be advised on the date last given so please remember to bring their card with you. Any booster vaccinations must be given at least 7 days before their stay with us. If vaccinations have lapsed, there is a 14 day stand down period after new vaccinations being before they can come into our Kennel or Cattery which gives the vaccinations time to work, if you are in any doubt please check with you vet.


Flea and Worm Treatment

Your cat require’s treatment at least a week before boarding. Any signs of infestation pets will be treated accordingly at your cost.



We will gladly administer medication and diabetic injections, even to difficult guests. If your pet is on medication for a long term illness, we ask that you see your veterinarian just before any boarding stay. Please have all medication labelled with written instructions.



You are welcome to visit your pet(s) prospective holiday home but please make an appointment. Our business is 24 hours a day, however we do need uninterrupted time to care for our guests, therefore we ask you to please respect our hours.

In the event of a personal emergency, please phone us to make special arrangements.

If someone other than yourself will be collecting your pet(s) please fill in a release form. We ask that the account be paid on arrival.